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The Glories of Shri Rāma - a Musical Fundraiser - Leave Feedback/Reviews in the Comments Section

Is the Vālmīki Rāmāyana a mystery or history? Is River Sarayu - just a lore? Or a river of yore? Thank you for embarking on a journey with us as we presented the glories of Shri Rama and their relevance today, through an immersive multi-genre, multilingual musical choir, that brought forth historical and mystical perspectives as well.

Rama's kalyANa guNas to Develop Critical Thinking, Leadership & Vision:

Thank you so much for those who supported and were able to attend The Glories of Shri Rama - a musical fundraiser. The response has been overwhelmingly positive - as the audience witnessed a gripping, immersive multimedia story telling, supported by a multi genre, multi lingual musical choir. The participants (mostly 2nd generation Indian American kids, born and raised in the US) and the audience, got an insight into the 16 kalyANa guNas of Shri Rama as described in the Valmiki Ramayana - worth emulating for developing integrity, character, team building and leadership skills.

Creative Leadership Skills:

Swaradigm is not just a music academy. The musical production provided opportunities for some of the kids to differentiate themselves and display their skills (besides singing) that made The Glories of Shri Rama a successful production. The kids displayed their Creative Leadership and completely owned and delivered in the following departments:

  • Recording and narration skills (Sree Dhrithi Sreekrishnan, TX)

  • Script writing (Arjun Arunagiri, CA)

  • Background score composing (Vaivasvat Ramesh, CA)

  • Sound engineering (Vaynil Narayanan, CA) and

  • Visuals control (Anand Srinivasan, CA)

Here is an example of the terrific teamwork from one of the scenes from the production:

Creative Leadership is not a noun but a VERB, which is the net resultant (and greather than the sum) of various skills that a person aquires broadly though Education, Technology and Arts, as depicted by the diagram below. These three streams together produce critical thinking, dynamism and ingenuity in an individual. Creative Leadership is a synonym for GROWTH MINDSET, where in a human being is able to express oneself, in a way that is unique, organic and original.

The Thulir Project & Ways to Donate to Swārasya Foundation EIN/Tax ID (92-1289944):

The musical production struck a chord with the Swaradigm students, as it was not just a performance but a meaningful way of giving back to musical causes! Taking music across borders into the hinterlands of India has been Swaradigm's inadvertent but firm effort since the pandemic - despite the medical and communication hurdles - out of which Swārasya was born and incorporated as a 501C3 in the US in early 2023, to scale it up to 20 students in the next 3 years.  

A few in the audience inquired about ways to donate to Swārasya - you can use PayPal or use our EIN/Tax ID (92-1289944) to do corporate matching if your company's HR allows. Some have also donated through their stock broker (like Fidelity, Vanguard etc.).

Swārasya Shringram - the 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award for Vidushi Lalgudi Srimathi Brahmānandam

Swārasya also aims to preserve and propagate some of the works of Swārasya Shringram awardees. Vidushi Lalgudi Srimathi Brahmānandam is the designate in 2024 and was conferred the award as a part of The Glories of Shri Rāma fundraiser event. In 2023, Dr. RS Jayalakshmi was bestowed the Swārasya Shringram award.

Pictures, Videos from The Glories of Shri Rāma

Picture album: Link (More pictures will be added)

Video: professionally recored video will be available soon. Those who purchased tickets but were unable to attend, please write to Swaradigm at gmail dot com - we will provide you a copy of the video to watch.


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