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The Glories of Shri Rāma - a Musical Fundraiser for Swārasya

Is River Sarayu just a lore or a river of yore? (Watch the program promo autoplaying next to this text box or on YouTube).
Come, embark on a journey with us as we seek to present our Superhero Rāma, through various musical genres, languages and literatures of India presented by students of Swaradigm. And find out if the Vālmīki Ramayana - is it just Mystery or History?
Multi-genre Percussions: Shri. Hareesh Parthasarathy
Keyboard: Chi. Vaivasvat Ramesh
The fundraiser will support the grass roots music education activites by Swārasya Foundation in country side Indian territories.
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TN Arunagiri - Behag Varnam
00:00 / 02:47
Carnatic - South Indian Classical Art Music Training

Since 2014, TN Arunagiri, (a disciple of Guru Dr. Renganatha Sharma) and Founder at Swaradigm has been imparting Carnatic vocal music lessons, regardless of age and prior musical experience of students. To enroll or inquire, please fill this form.
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