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Programs at Swaradigm

Carnatic - South Indian Classical Art Music Training

Since 2014, Swaradigm has been imparting Carnatic vocal music lessons, regardless of age and prior musical experience of students. To enroll or inquire, please fill this form.



For the busy career oriented person, who wants to improve their vocal skills across any Indian grenre in a gradual manner but don't want to invest time into learning full time Indian Classical Music. To enroll or inquire, please fill this form.


VoiceFitness Consulting

For a one-on-one session to gauge vocal capabilities using VoiceFitness tools. To inquire or book session, please fill this form.


Carnatic ScholArtship

Swaradigm will sponsor and/or train well deserving artists who have given their prime time to learning and propagation of Carnatic music, especially from non-urbanized areas. To nominate, please contact us by email.



Swaradigm TALK events inspire critical thinking,  subjective application of the thought and leading by example in finding one's passion and purpose in life. 

Let's Work Together to...

Learn...for LIFE!

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