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Welcome to Swarasya - a 501(c)(3) non-profit 

Welcome to Swārasya

Swārasya - is a Sanskrit term that denotes natural savoriness, elegance, excellence, engaging, aesthetic.

Art is, by its very nature, inherently full of swārasyam

Swārasya is engaged in the preservation & propagation of the arts - fine arts and performing arts; emphasizes & explores the role of art in secular education; involved in mentoring & creating leaders through the arts; holds classes, seminars - online & in-person and supports artists and arts organizations.

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Ways to Donate

  • Public Charity Pledge: Swārasya is a 501(C)(3) public charity. EIN/Tax ID: 92-1289944. Donations are tax deductible. Use pledge form below.

  • Corporate Matching/Stocks: Search for the above EIN/Tax ID in your company's HR portal for corporate matching or stock donation via brokerage account.

  • PayPal/Venmo/Credit Card: Use PayPal button below to donate via credit card or Venmo.

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