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Scale to Raga - a Lecture & Karnātic Concert

Dr. Renganatha Shama, along with his team of musicians and disciples, will first present a lecture titled “Scale to Raga: Evolution of Indian Melodies from the 12 Notes”, followed by a traditional South Indian Art Music vocal concert - also called Karnatic or Carnatic concert.
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Swaradigm's Carnatic Summer 2023 - Creative Leadership, Mentoring, VoiceFitness & Fast Tracking (June to August 2023)

Venue & Time: Online


1. Intermediate level (6 to 10 varnams and kritis) and Advanced level (12 to 15 varnams and kritis) students will be mentored by Arunagiri in the first hour or so - on raga theory, creative aspects of manodharma, notations writing, voicefitness etc. 

2. In the next 2 hours, the advanced students in turn will get to mentor intermediate ones and group up with intermediate level students to get an opportunity to demonstrably lead and mentor the younger ones.


3. At the end of weeklong session, each participant must demonstrate what they have learnt through a video recording.

30-July-2023 - Carnatic Vocal Arangetram of Shivani Dhanya Sundaram 

Venue - Central Piedmont Parr Center, 1201 Elizabeth Ave., Charlotte, NC 28204, USA.

First Vocal Arangetram for Swaradigm and the City of Charlotte! Heralded by Shivani Dhanya Sundaram.

With immense pleasure and Guru Kripa, Swaradigm conducted its first arangetram, in Charlotte, NC on 30th July 2023, of Shivani Dhanya Sundaram, hosted by Jayashee and Srini.

The arangetram was designed a bit differently to let Shivani express her Carnatic and non-carnatic genres as well.

Wishing Shivani all the very best to take her music further to touch many more hearts for a long time to come

Link to Concert Video, Photo Album, Program Brochures, Lobby Digital Wall & Song List


TN Arunagiri.

Shreyas Ravi
Aditi Balepur
Prabhav Nadella

18-June-2023: Swaradigm Student Aditi Melkote Balepur's Carnatic Vocal Concert at Rasamanjari, Dublin, CA.

Venue & Time: Panchamukha Hanuman Temple, Dublin, CA at 1:30 pm.

Vocal: Aditi Balepur 
Violin: Shreyas Ravi
Mridangam: Prabhav Nadella

Aditi presented:

1. Adi Vinayakam (Varnam) - Raga Reetigowlai - Adi - Chitravina Shri. N. Ravikiran

2. Ananda Natana Prakasham - Raga Kedaram - Misra Chapu - Shri. Muttuswami Dikshitar

3. Kashi Vishalakshim - Raga Poorvi Kalyani - Roo
pakam - Shri. Muttuswami Dikshitar

Swaradigm is grateful to Guru Smt. Anuradha Sridhar (Trinity Center for Music, Los Gatos, CA) and Guru Shri. Natarajan Srinivasan (Nandhi Laya Vidyalaya, Pleasanton, CA) for their time and training their disciiples Shreyas and Prabhav respectively. 


Q1 2023  -  Thyagaraja Aradhana,  Mahashivaratri Student Recitals

Venue - Various in California, North Carolina, Ohio

256th Birth Anniversary of St. Thyagaraja - Silicon Valley Lotus Aradhana, Milpitas, California.

T.N. Arunagiri along with disciples Akshay Palanivelu, Akhil Palanivelu and Vaivasvat Ramesh presented bhaktuni chAritramu - Raga Begada - Adi, among other kritis.

Aditi Balepur presented St. Tyagaraja kriti, dEhi tavapada in Raga Sahana and Adi talam. 

22nd Charlotte Tyagaraja Aradhana, 2023 -  Hindu Center, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Shivani Sundaram presented smaraNE sukhamu in Raga Jana Ranjani and Adi talam.

Mahashivaratri - Shri Venkataeshwara Temple, Columbus, Ohio.  

Poorvaja Mahesh and Meena Mahesh presented the Saptaratna kriti jaTadha shankara of Shri. Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi in Raga Todi, Ado talam.

Subbu and Arun
Subbu and Arun in Chennai.

29-Apr-2023: Swaradigm - Free Kanada Ata Tala Varnam Learning Event on Smule LiveJam by TNArunagiri & Swaradigm ScholArtship Student Subramanian Isaipriyan.

Venue & Time: Smule App on iPhone or Android

TN Arunagiri (Smule ID: tn_arunagiri) and Subramanian Isaipriyan (Smule ID: Golden_Subramani) will be conducting a LIVE learning event inside Smule app, in a group called "VoiceFitness Detours", into which anyone with a VIP Smule ID can join in and listen/watch/learn. Register by clicking "Buy Free Ticket" button below, to receive Kanada varnam notations before the live jam session. Please use your Smule ID in the Last Name field while buying the free ticket to register. 


26-Feb-2023 - "ChakravAkham" - Guru Raghavendra Swamy Pallavi Series

Venue & Time: Shri. Krishna Vrindavana | 43 Sunol St., San Jose, CA | 4 pm - 7 pm (Prasad to be followed after the concert)

Dear Music Teachers , Rasikas and students 


Subha and I are extremely excited and happy to let you know that we are restarting Guru Raghavendra Swamy Melakartha Pallavi Series on his Birthday (Jayanthi a.k.a Vardhanthi) on Feb 26 , 2023 . This will be in Melakartha # 16 Chakravakham. This will be a grand vocal concert by


Sri T.N. Arunagiri - Vocal

Smt. Sandhya Srinath - Violin

Sri Srinath Bala - Mridangam 

Sri A.V. Krishnan - Ghatam

Sri Adithya Mahadevan - Khanjira


It will be held at Shri Krishna Vrundavana temple on Feb 26 from 4.00 to 7 pm . Please come listen, enjoy and get Guru’s blessings


With best wishes,

Subha and Narasimhan

Access Braille Fun Karaoke Fundraiser
Access Braille Karaoke Fundraiser
TN Arunagiri - Multi Genre
TN Arunagiri - Ghazal

25-Feb-2023 - Access Braille Fun Karaoke Fundraiser with TN Arunagiri

Venue & Time: Vista Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired |
2 pm - 7 pm

Access Braille is a non-profit that strives to provide visually impaired students access to education materials. Come sing your heart out at a fun karaoke evening for a great cause! Special invited guest: TN Arunagiri, where he will showcase and share his valuable VoiceFitness® tips for multi-genre karaoke singing for a great cause!


12-Feb-2023 - Tyagaraja Aradhana by South India Fine Arts

Venue & Time: Quinlan Community Center, Cupertino, CA | 9 am to 6 pm.

Akhil Palanivelu, Akshay Palanivelu, Gyan Dakshin, Vaivasvat Ramesh and Vaynil Narayanan - students at Swaradigm participated and presented the kriti Rama Ramana Rara set in Raga Shankarabharanam, composed by St. Tyagaraja (1767 - 1847 CE). This is the 2nd year that Swaradigm presented at SIFA's Tyagaaja Aradhana.


11-Feb-2023 - Guitar Prasanna for IITMAANA - Swaradigm Gold Sponsorship

Venue & Time: Smith Center, Ohlone College, Fremont, CA | 4 pm to 7 pm.

TN Arunagiri was live on stage with the renowned musician Guitar Prasanna (a fellow IIT Madras alum himself) along with other fellow IITM alumni and musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area. The show started off with Mahaganapatim and covered a wide array of genres from Pink Floyd, to Ilaiyaraaja to MS Vishwanathan to RD Burman. 

Here's a
Program Book.

Event Flyer
Fellow IITM Alumni Musicians
Awesome percussions!
Swaradigm Gold Sponsor
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