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Every Child is a Potential Creative Leader: Let's Build Them Up!

A creative leader displays ingenuity in problem solving, critical thinking and dynamism in action. Of these three hallmarks, I would rate ingenuity a little above the two, because there-in lies the glory of being born as a human being! Ingenuity is a signature of the intellect being transcended into unchartered territories of our psyche - a trait found only in the human species of any of the living organisms, through the faculty of intuition. We have seen many leaders who have led well with logic and dynamism. The world needs not just leaders but creative leaders.

Children are born to be creative leaders. Every thought, word and action of theirs portends creative ripeness and entrepreneurial spirit. Whether it is writing on the wall, sticking to the fridge a paper full of colorful pencil strokes, listening to a piece of music again and again or reading that chapter book like there is no tomorrow or constantly playing with a ball, these are signs of pure expression of their intuitive ideas, which parents must pay close attention to. They must constantly and keenly intuit on their kids from an early age, to hone down the skills/talents/interests that could later be mapped into the Creative Leadership Venn Diagram.